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Our Story

It all started with two fathers in Madison, Wisconsin who have always dreamed about creating a product that would make people happy and allow us to experience the thrill of owning our own business. Little did we know that Jesse’s son would start us down the path of the product that has become Beer Cap Maps.

Jasper, 6 years old, started collecting caps at backyard cookouts and dinner parties. He asked his parents what he could do with the caps. Liza, his mother, gave him a zip lock bag, pushing her creative limits. Jesse, on the other hand, was in a creative spirit and had access to a laser cutter. He created the first Beer Cap Map (the state of Wisconsin) and it was a hit with Jasper and anyone else who saw it.

This time, the chorus of “you could sell that” struck a chord and Steve and Jesse began to plot out a business plan. There were prototypes and friends and family testing and in a matter of days the website was up and the first maps were selling.

We have since partnered with a design and manufacturer and optimized our products, locked in our materials and branched out into other cap related gifts that we hope you love. Our partner, Jonco Industries, and their owners saw the growing community and jumped on board to finally purchase the company in 2018.

We love seeing how happy people are when they send us pictures of their maps. Thank you for all your support!  We are here to make your Beer Cap Map experience a fantastic one.


Check This Out!

Wisconsin Public Television did an amazing job documenting our origin.  Check out Jasper's zip lock bag and his favorite bottle cap: