Wooden map questions

How do I hang up my wooden Beer Cap MapTM?

We have provided several small holes in each map to allow hanging of your map. Two or more finishing nails do a great job holding the map up and the heads of those nails are small enough to fit through the holes so you can take your map down to add more caps. 

Our custom hanger (sold separately) creates a shadow look and makes it easy to pop the map off to add more caps since the caps are added from the back.

Only one hanger is required per map since the locking tabs keep it from rotating (even the big maps like the USA).  The only exceptions are the maps that have separate pieces like Michigan with the UP included, the British Isles, New Zealand, and Canada.

Screws are not included with the hanger.

What are the wooden Beer Cap MapsTM made of?

Each map is cut from 5mm thick plywood with a unique grain pattern that makes every map one of a kind.

Are wooden Beer Cap MapsTM sealed?

Your map will have a single treatment for protection against absorbing water from the air. This does mean, however, the map may be at risk of warping over time and/or absorbing moisture. If you are planning on displaying this outdoors (or just want to ensure you indoor display is bullet proof) we encourage you to further seal and protect your Beer Cap Map to keep it looking great. This will not affect its ability to hold caps.

Will all my favorite bottle caps fit?

We have done our best to create a hole shape and size that will accommodate most bottle caps. This design is patent pending.  There may be caps out there that will be too large or too small, and we apologize if that is the case. Caps that seem too large are often the result of bending during removal from the bottle and a little straightening out by hand will do the trick. Caps that are too small may require a little bending or even a small dab of super glue to ensure you can display them.

To install into wooden maps, press the caps in from the back side to allow the caps to deform a bit and "stick" inside the holes.  This video demonstrates filling a map:

Metal Groove Map Questions

How do the caps go into the metal Groove map?

The patent pending front loading design holds the top and bottom of each cap, flexing them slightly to securely display each cap within the grooves of the map.  We have found that the easiest way to install the caps is to load the top of the cap first and use your thumb to flex the bottom of the cap into the opening.  The cap will make a satisfying "click" as it snaps into its new home.

It doesn't look like the custom hanger will work with the metal Groove map.  How do I hang it?

You are absolutely right - the custom hanger is made exclusively for our wooden maps.  Since you put caps in from the front of the metal map, there is no need to take it off of the wall to load it up.  Also, the corrugation naturally holds the map away from the wall, creating that cool shadow effect.  So you can use the large holes provided in a few locations to screw the map to the wall or hang from picture hooks. The holes are hidden behind caps so you won't see the hardware.

The metal Groove map weighs about 5 lbs without caps.

Will the metal rust?

The metal Groove maps are made of 20 gauge galvanized steel, similar to roofing material.  The galvanizing slows the corrosion, but the metal will rust adding a cool patina to your map.  Corrosion depends on conditions - if it is in a humid or wet environment, it will rust faster.

Are the edges sharp?

We have done our best to remove all pointy parts to the perimeter of the metal Groove map.  The 20 gauge steel is thick enough to generally protect from cuts.  But any sheet metal with a raw edge has the potential to cut skin, so handle the map carefully and avoid running your hand along the edges as much as possible.

Random questions

Where are Beer Cap MapsTM made?

Beer Cap Maps are designed in Madison, WI and manufactured in and shipped from Milwaukee, WI.


Can I build a larger map with my individual Beer Cap MapsTM?

North America (Canada, USA and Mexico) fits together like a puzzle.  But each state map is about the same size. This means that they will not fit together like a puzzle and a full map would far overestimate the square mileage of Rhode Island.

Why don't you make my country?

Keep an eye out for additions to the product line here or on our Facebook page. Don't see what you want? Send us an email and we will consider adding it to the mix. 

Can I post pictures of my Beer Cap MapTM?

Yes! If you have a Beer Cap Map you are particularly proud of please go to our Facebook page or Instagram account (or tag it with #beercapmap) and share it with the world! While you are there check out what other people are doing with theirs.

Can I sell maps in my store?

Absolutely!  Email us or fill out the form on our Retail Partner page and we will send you our terms and prices for wholesale orders. We love seeing these in stores and will promote your store on that page.

Do you make custom maps?

Currently we cannot offer custom map shapes or additions.

Do you ship to APO/FPO Military Addresses?

Yes!   To make sure your package gets to its destination, follow these instructions for entering a military address:

  • Address field
    • For Army, Navy and Marines:  Enter Unit Number and Box Number.
    • For Ships:  Enter Ship Name and Hull Number.
    • For Air Force:  Enter PSC Number and Box Number.
  • Address Line 2 field
    Enter optional military command or organization name (e.g., USAG J or 2/566 Postal Co.). 
  • City field
    Enter APO or FPO. 
    Note: We cannot ship to city codes other than APO or FPO for military shipments. 
  • State field
    Select one of the following:
    • AA – Armed Forces America
    • AE – Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada
    • AP – Armed Forces Pacific
  • ZIP Code field
    Enter the 5-digit ZIP code for the military unit. It must start with a 0 or 9.
  • Phone field
    We suggest entering the phone number of a family member or friend who is stateside. Our system does not accept international numbers. 

What is your shipping and return policy?

Check it out here.