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USA Puzzle Map (8 ft wide)
from 39.00

You asked, we listened. This 48 piece map fits together like a puzzle, allowing you to create a massive 8 foot wide masterpiece that boasts 979 holes for caps. Each state has at least two hanging holes and has the state name etched.

You can purchase the regions individually if you prefer to celebrate beers near you or can't commit to the size or price of the whole USA. If you do go for the whole enchilada, you save a few pesos.

As you can imagine, the smaller states don't have many spots for caps (that's why we made our individual state maps not to scale). In fact, Rhode Island and Delaware don't even get a hole (boo!)

We can't wait to see pictures of these beauties on your wall.

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I won the wife of the year award after buying this for my husband as an anniversary gift.
— CG